Life is too good to waste on bad ideas.Andrew L. Seidel

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Andrew Seidel
Andrew L. Seidel is a constitutional and civil rights attorney, activist, atheist, author, former Grand Canyon tour guide, and sometimes photographer. At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Andrew works to ensure that the government obeys the First Amendment and that Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation” between state and church remains tall and impregnable.
When not litigating cases or standing up for freethinkers’ rights at FFRF he writes at Freethought Now! and travels the country discussing atheism, state-church separation, constitutional law, and other issues affecting the secular movement.


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I’m An Out of the Closet Atheist.


What if someone actually challenged the idea that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles rather than blindly accepting it? What if someone compared the Ten Commandments to the Constitution? Or compared biblical principles such as obedience, original sin, and Hell to America’s founding principles like freedom, the presumption of innocence, and banning cruel and unusual punishment? What if someone could show that the Bible contradicts the Declaration of Independence’s central principles—self-government and a duty to overthrow tyranny?

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